Google Map Directions Multiple Locations

The Google Maps Javascript API lets you embed Google Maps in your own web pages. With current code solution you can get directions of multiple paths on one screen shown different paths as A, B C on map. Path can be provided in query string as page.aspx?from:path1 to: path2 to: path3 …….. For example DrivingDirection.aspx?path=from: 2962 Dunedin CvGermantown TN 38138 to: 1500 Vance AveMemphis TN 38104 <link href=" ....Read Full Article

Google Maps API

The Google Maps Javascript API lets you embed Google Maps in your own web pages. With current code solution you can get location of map by providing location, zoom level, width and height as query string so it can be dynamic according to your requirements. In code you will need to change Google Map key. You can modify the code if you plan to use code without, Currently its using to get querystring values. <head> <script src=" ....Read Full Article

Sql Find Missing Indexes

Indexes are created on columns in tables or views. The index provides a fast way to look up data based on the values within those columns. For example, if you create an index on the primary key and then search for a row of data based on one of the primary key values, SQL Server first finds that value in the index, and then uses the index to quickly locate the entire row of data. Without the index, a table scan would have to be performed in order to locate the row, which can have a significant e ....Read Full Article

Uploadify: Adding more files to the queue while uploading

Uploadify was created to be an easy-to-implement solution for multiple file uploads. As a jQuery plugin, the Uploadify implementation is simple and highly-customizable. Visit WebSite Lot of people ask about adding more files to the queue when the first upload start, the button to “browse” another file don’t work anyway. This feature is not available in latest release. So, I found a way to implement this from own code, It will not be a complete fix but allows you to handle oth ....Read Full Article

SQL Import Export from linked server

There is always a need to import/export tables or data from different database. The common scenario is when you need that data to your local database that is in your live database. For this purpose, many techniques are available, but my technique is simple and modifiable as it takes every table from linked server and makes a query against that and that query can be changeable by you. (e.g you can specify where clause as well). So first of all you will need to know from which database you wan ....Read Full Article

Simple Sequential WorkFlow Tutorial C sharp

A workflow is essentially a way of documenting the activities involved in completing a unit of work. Typically, work “flows” through one or more activities during processing. These activities can be performed by either machines or by people, and can be as simple as defining the sequence of pages in an Internet application, or as complex as managing documents or products that must be seen, altered, and approved by any number of people. You can host Windows WF workflows in any type o ....Read Full Article

Google Visualization API

The Google Visualization API lets you access multiple sources of structured data that you can display, choosing from a large selection of visualizations. Google Visualization API enables you to expose your own data, stored on any data-store that is connected to the web, as a Visualization compliant datasource. Thus you can create reports and dashboards as well as analyze and display your data through the wealth of available visualization applications. The Google Visualization API also provides a ....Read Full Article

Custom Meta Tags

Many search engines uses Mata tags for searching websites contents. In ASP.NET we can make separate meta tags for all pages from database or any other techniques instead of using one masterpage meta tags. Call following function in page load of every page or in master page. public void BindPageMetasandTitle() { HtmlMeta MetaDescription = new HtmlMeta(); HtmlMeta MetaKeywords = new HtmlMeta(); MetaDescription.Name = "Description"; MetaKeywords.Name = "Keywords ....Read Full Article

Google Translate

Use Google translate for your website to translate many languages and show on website with the same format. I have done this using javascript. Different techniques can be used to apply google translate for your website. Languages supported by Google translate Afrikaans Albanian Arabic Belarusian Bulgarian Catalan Chinese Croatian Czech Danish Dutch English Estonian Filipino Finnish French Galician German Greek Haitian Creole Hebrew Hindi Hungarian Icelandic Indonesian Irish Italian Japanes ....Read Full Article

Google Weather API

Google Weather Provides weather information from the world. They accepts a wide range of parameters like [city],[country] e.g. London,England – or postcodes, ISO country codes (UK,DE etc.), Lat/long. To integrate it with just use below function and it will return weather information for current and next 4 days with images according to weather. public static void GoogleWeather(string location) { HttpWebRequest GoogleRequest; HttpWebResponse GoogleResponse ....Read Full Article