Google Health Integration

1. Method for Linking with Google Health (Both for Import/Export)

  • Patient/User Logs into your site.
  • Link will be displayed saying “Link `Your Site Name’ with your Google Health Profile”
  • On clicking, it will redirect to Google authorization page to authorize Your Site to import/export.
  • URL will be concatenated with link to take user back to our site, so Google after authorization send users back to that URL with token as Query String.
  • On redirected page (i.e.,, through coding it will get permanent token code and it will have to be stored in database with patient.

Other Things needed for linking

Creating key and certificate using Open SSL tool and use in code for authorization, one copy will be needed to upload on Google health.

2. Importing Data from Google Health to Your Site

  1. We can import following data from Google Health.
    1. From
    2. Date
    3. Subject
    4. Message
    5. Health Information (will be in XML Format, sample is attached in mail)
      1. Conditions
      2. Medications
      3. Allergies
      4. Procedures
      5. Test Results
      6. Immunizations
  2. We can filter import by following information
    1. Type of Health Information (i.e., Medications, Test Results …)
    2. Sub Type of Health Information ( Medication > Product Name )
    3. Published Date Criteria
    4. Start Index
    5. Maximum Records limit

3. Exporting Data from Your Site to Google Health

  1. We can export same data from Your Site that we are importing from Google Health
  2. To Export Health Information, All data must be in XML CCR format (sample attached). For this it needs to be created by coding techniques populating data from database in XML.
  3. Following Functions should be developed for this purpose
    1. public string CreateProblems(List<Problem> prob)
    2. Above method create Conditions XML and returns as string.
    3. public string CreateMedications(List<Medication> med)
    4. public string CreateAlerts(List<Alert> alrt)
    5. public string CreateProcedures(List<Procedure> proc)
    6. public string CreateResults(List<Result> res)
    7. public string CreateImmunization(List<Immunization> im)
    8. public string CreateXML(string Problems, string Medications, string Alerts, string Procedures, string Results, string Immunizations)
      1. Above method creates full XML and returns as string.
    9. For Creating Medications XML, we will need special code for medical products named as RxNorm and NDC (National Drug Code).
      1. RxNorm provides Web Service API which provides following things
        1. NDC, RxNorm code if we specify product name.
        2. Product names if we specify NRC or RxNorm
        3. Gets suggestions for Name if we specify nearest name.

4. Following Information of Patient should be available in your database so that it can be exported to Google Health

  1. Conditions/Problems
    1. Start Date of this condition
    2. End Date
    3. Name (i.e., Aortic valve disorders)
    4. Status (i.e., Active)
    5. Treating clinician name
  2. Medications
    1. Start Date
    2. Stop Date
    3. Medication name
    4. Medication code (if not available, Google health will not show “More Info about this product” when listing medications).
    5. Prescribing clinician name
    6. Prescription Date
    7. Status (i.e., Active)
    8. Strength and its unit (i.e., 400 mg)
    9. Form (i.e., Tablet, Injection)
    10. Directions
      1. By (i.e., Oral ….)
      2. Dose (i.e., 2)
      3. Dose Unit (i.e., tablet)
      4. Frequency (i.e., 1 time per day)
    11. Fulfilment History
      1. Total Quantity (i.e., 30)
      2. Date of fulfilment.
      3. Type (i.e., Dispense date)
  3. Allergies
    1. Start Date
    2. Stop Date
    3. Name
    4. Treating clinician
    5. Severity
    6. Status
  4. Procedures
    1. Start Date
    2. Stop Date
    3. Name (i.e., Amniocentesis)
    4. Treating clinician Name
  5. Test Results
    1. Test Name (i.e., Spun Hematocrit)
    2. Date
    3. Contains Test Results:
      1. Name (i.e., Hemoglobin)
      2. Test Value
      3. Test Unit
      4. Normal Result Range
      5. Ordering clinician name
  6. Immunization
    1. Date
    2. Ordering clinician name
    3. Name (i.e., Zoster Vaccine)

5. Other Functionalities

  • Unlink Patient’s Google Health with your site method

6. Links related to Google Health

Note : Above information may be missing and I take no responsibility for any problem

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  1. Yes, I have worked for MTBC Inc. For importing/exporting health information with Google health & HealthVault. and other PHR , EMR work

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