Uploadify: Adding more files to the queue while uploading

Uploadify was created to be an easy-to-implement solution for multiple file uploads. As a jQuery plugin, the Uploadify implementation is simple and highly-customizable.

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Lot of people ask about adding more files to the queue when the first upload start, the button to “browse” another file don’t work anyway.

This feature is not available in latest release.

So, I found a way to implement this from own code, It will not be a complete fix but allows you to handle other issues that may come after doing this.

The workaround is to hide previous select files button and add new one so it will continue to add more files to the same queue

 var count = 0;

    function BindUploadify() {
        $('#FileUpload' + count + 'Uploader').css('height', '0').css('width', '0');
        $('#FileUpload' + count).uploadify({
            'uploader': '/scripts/uploadify/uploadify.swf',
            'buttonImg': '/DMAdimin/images/btn_browse.png',
            'cancelImg': '/DMAdimin/images/icn_Cross.jpg',
            'script': '/DMAdimin/AudioPlayList/Upload.ashx',
            'folder': 'Songs',
            'queueID': 'MyQueue',
            'removeCompleted': false,
            'fileDesc': 'Audio Files',
            'fileExt': '*.mp3;*.mp4;*.wav;',
            'multi': true,
            'auto': true,
            'sizeLimit': 20971520,
            'onSelectOnce': function (event, ID, fileObj) {

Let me know if any of you have found any problem.

5 thoughts on “Uploadify: Adding more files to the queue while uploading

  1. visit Uploadify.com for how to use this.
    For this fix, You just need to replace the above script with your uploadify loading script,
    And replace ids and other variables according to your needs.
    If you need further help, please reply. Thanks

    1. I’m not a javascript programmer (I have plenty of experience with PHP, HTML, and CSS, but no javascript) so I’m having trouble figuring out exactly how to get the fix to work. I’ve set up the Uploadify script (version 2.1.4) and I have the bit of javascript code in the header that initializes the uploader.

      Here is my current code (works, without this fix):

      And here is my attempt at implementing the fix (doesn’t work, no button is initialized):

      What am I doing wrong?

      1. Also, will this “second instance” of the select files button add the files to a new queue or the same queue? I use onAllComplete to reload the page when the queue finishes and I want to make sure that if the user queues additional files that the page won’t reload until everything finishes.

        Thanks for any help you can offer!

        1. Hello, provided links are broken, Second instance will add new files to the same queue and will not reload whole page,
          Above functions can be placed below html inside script tags. just need to replace uploadify values according to your page

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